Northeast Pennsylvania Cheerleaders – Help Us Raise Funds To Fight Breast Cancer!

Northeast Pennsylvania Cheerleaders – Help Us Raise Funds To Fight Breast Cancer! Featured Image

Maternal & Family Health Services is proud to announce a special competition to help fight breast cancer this October. MFHS and Avon District 2880 are sponsoring a spirit competition and fundraiser for cheerleaders at high schools throughout our service area.
Cheerleaders will host a PINK OUT at a home game during the month of October – Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Your imagination is key when it comes to decorating the stadium! Make sure to have everyone dress in pink.: the cheerleaders, coaches, band members, football players and fans.
All squads will be asked to hold an Avon Fundraiser from October 8th through October 20th. All proceeds from the fundraiser will benefit the Breast Cancer treatment and prevention program at the Maternal & Family Health Services. By your squad participating we will be able to provide free mammograms and breast cancer care to the women right in your home town.
The high school cheerleading squad with the “Most Spirit” will be recognized with the “2011 Breast Cancer Awareness Award.” Each member of the squad will receive $50 FREE Avon and Mark products. The cheerleader with the highest sales will receive “Outstanding Achievement Reward” and $100 of FREE Avon and Mark products.
Many women in our area go without getting a much needed mammogram because they cannot afford it or may not have the insurance to cover one. Your participation in this fundraiser & competition will help raise much needed funds to provide mammograms to those who would otherwise go without. Your participation could possibly save the life of a family member, neighbor or friend.
Registration Deadline is September 28th, 2011. Please contact Kathy Brocca, Event Coordinator at (570) 362-3614 or