MFHS CEO Bette Saxton Appointed to PA Dept of Health Committee

MFHS CEO Bette Saxton Appointed to PA Dept of Health Committee Featured Image

Maternal and Family Health Services announces that Bette Cox Saxton, MFHS President and CEO, has been appointed to the Pennsylvania Department of Health’s Maternal Mortality Review Committee.
The Maternal Mortality Review Committee works to evaluate cases of maternal death in the state in order to better understand the causes. By better understanding the causes of these deaths, the committee then reports on methods of increased awareness and prevention. The insights of the committee are distributed to government officials and healthcare providers, with the goal of preventing future maternal deaths.
Ms. Saxton has been the President and CEO of MFHS for over 13 years, during which time she has worked tirelessly to create and enhance programs that serve disenfranchised women and children in Northeast Pennsylvania. In addition, she has also utilized her sense of drive, compassion, and leadership in different roles with many local and national organizations, including the American Cancer Society, the Northeast Regional Cancer Institute, the Pennsylvania Coalition to Prevent Teen Pregnancy, the National Family Planning and Reproductive Health Association, the Pennsylvania Adolescent Health Task Force, and the Maternal and Child Health Advisory Committee for Pennsylvania. Through her extensive community involvement, Bette Cox Saxton has established herself as a dedicated, outstanding candidate for the Maternal Mortality Review Committee.