2014 Rose Allan Tucker Award – Arthur Piancone

2014 Rose Allan Tucker Award – Arthur Piancone Featured Image

ArtPianconeMFHS is proud to announce that Arthur Piancone of the Pocono Alliance will be receiving the Rose Tucker Award at our 2014 Annual Meeting for his dedication to serving the community and his work in building the Bridges Out of Poverty program in Monroe County.
Four years ago, Arther Piancone laid the groundwork for the Bridges Out of Poverty program in Monroe County and has seen the program blossom into a wonderful success. Bridges Out of Poverty is a transformative approach that connects families in poverty with resources and relationships that help them develop self-sufficiency and stabilization. Through a 20 week course and being paired with mentors, the families set and achieve goals for improving their future. His focus on empowerment, employment and education has helped the program reach an 88% graduation rate, well above the 48% national average.
Arthur served as an educator for 30 years before entering the social service world, much like Rose Tucker herself. Over 80% of program participants to date have been women, and Arthur’s patience and prompting helps them believe in themselves and take the steps to better themselves and the children in their lives. He is dedicated and passionate about serving the community and advocating for those in need.
MFHS would like to congratulate Arthur Piancone and all of the Pocono Alliance staff for your dedication to our community and this wonderful program.